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5 Ways to Design a Logo for Your Brand

Every business needs a single brand that people can recognize them with. As we all know from Apple’s success, successful branding is a key in ensuring that a business succeeds, even if the products themselves aren’t that impressive. The main way of ensuring that you have a brand for your business, is to make sure your company has an unforgettable logo. This is why I have created a guide to show you the 5 ways that you can use to design a logo for your brand or business. Click here to read more…

Art Challenges

I Want to Build/Develop a Character

One of my goals for this upcoming year is to practice my drawing skills so that I’m able to discover my art style. With the discovery of my art style, I’d like to develop my own character. At this point, I’m not really sure if i’d like to have a character to represent my brand in general or if I want to create a series involving a specific character. Either way, I need to determine how to create this character. Click here to read more…