Every business needs a single brand that people can recognize them with. As we all know from Apple’s success, successful branding is a key in ensuring that a business succeeds, even if the products themselves aren’t that impressive. The main way of ensuring that you have a brand for your business, is to make sure your company has an unforgettable logo. This is why I have created a guide to show you the 5 ways that you can use to design a logo for your brand or business.


Think about the motif for the logo…

The first thing you need to do is to think about what you are actually trying to show off, when you design a logo. The logo should be quirky and should give a nice first impression. There are a lot of things that you will have to think about. For example, what is your business actually about? If your business is about selling groceries, maybe a logo that emphasizes on groceries or something very related to groceries might be good. Or maybe just emphasize on the overall theme of the company into your logo. McDonalds is a very good example of that. It is just a simple ‘m’ but almost anyone can recognize the logo from a mile away. The yellow colored ‘m’ is commonly a child’s favorite in some parts of the world for decades. 

Go for multiple layers & bright colors. A good way to impress your customers is to make a logo that is just impressive. Sure, some people like simplicity, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t even work on your company’s logo. It can take days, weeks, or even months to find a logo that might be able to represent your company successfully. If you haven’t been able to make an attractive logo on the first layer, try adding another layer. Multiple layered logos are very attractive for a lot of people, and if you are able to hide these layers and show as if it is a single layered powerful logo, all the best. Colors are the most eye-catching features of any image, and most people just see bright colors and let their inner child run free. Plus, little children like unique colors in a brand logo too. But if you’re going for a very professional look, try to limit the colors to monotone, just like what Apple has done with their logo. 

Learn the trend, do not follow it. Learning about the trend is a very informative topic and will help you learn a lot of stuff. You can decide what kind of content you’re looking for, after you learn about the trend. The trend changes after an uncertain time period, and there is always a new logo that is the reason the trend changes. For example, the latest trend is following the materialistic approach for products, which ultimately is a trend approach that follows Google’s new requirements that everyone should try to follow. But don’t try to blend in the trend surge. Yes, learning about the trend is a great way to learn what your new logo should be all about, but if you follow it completely to the core, your logo will end up becoming a just-another-logo-out-of-thousands-others and it might not be able to make an impact on the customer. Use the trend to your favor, and analyze the history to make a logo that you think will impress the customers.

Act like you own your logo. You don’t need to be insecure about checking what kind of logo you’re actually trying to make. Just look at what the most popular companies in the world are doing. Check Microsoft. Their logo is literally four coloured boxes put in in a square shape. The product “Linux” is just a penguin sitting, staring at you. Twitter is basically a blue bird trying to tweet in a high voice.  You need to make a logo that you can literally own in people’s minds. For example, when people think of the fruit “apple”, they are immediately reminded of the brand “Apple”. When people think of computers, in their mind comes the word “Windows” by Microsoft. 

Make a logo that just expresses what you’re trying to say clearly, and adamantly to the customer. Act like you don’t need to just follow the trends and that you’re your own business. You don’t need other trends telling you what to do, and what not to do. The logo you create should be unique so that when everyone sees it, they think “it’s X company”. Keep it simple, proportionate, and active/passive. The last tip I can give you is to make sure that you keep the logo you’re designing simple. No, simple does not mean keeping it to only a single layer. It means that you’re trying to keep the logo very simple in a single glance. This shouldn’t limit you out from the previous tips I have given you. Rather, it is a simpler version of what I have been trying to tell you. Another thing you should definitely think about is the symmetry of the logo itself. The logo should be symmetrical if you’re looking to instantly make a very popular design that is eye-catching. There’s this thing about the human mind finding symmetry very attractive. 

The last thing to look at is to check if the logo you’re going for is active or passive. Active logos are those that are performing an action, even in a still image. For example, withTwitter’s logo, you see the blue bird and think that the bird is tweeting. Make an active logo if you’re going for an aggressive look, or go for a resting/passive position if you’re looking to show that the company is laid-back and comfortable to work around. 

In Conclusion…

These are the 5 tips that if you follow, I can ensure that you’ll definitely be able to make an amazing logo for your business/brand. You might want to get your logo checked by a professional after making, though. What did you find most interesting about this post? Drop a comment below.